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Computer with Indivd cx platform that help retailers to create the best customer experience for their customers.

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Amplifying your operation and decision making

Indivds customer experience platform has all the features you need.

  • 1. Insights you can trust

  • 2. Connect your location easy

  • 3. Track ROI for all your strategies

  • 4. GDPR Ready

Here's how it works

Connect your stores or malls
Gather all your insights
Analyze customer journeys
Improve your customer experiences
  1. Connect your stores or malls
  2. Gather all your insights
  3. Analyze customer journeys
  4. Improve your customer experiences
Connect your stores or malls
Gather all your insights
Analyze customer journeys
Improve your customer experiences
Example alt
Indivd could be the starting point for an improved and more sophisticated measurement for many brands with physical stores, and perhaps even more for those with both physical and digital stores.

Annelie Gullström

Head of Business Development (adj.), AMF Fastigheter

One solution for your entire organization

Our platform has all the tools and insights you need to make your work much easier.

Business Intelligence

  1. Get access to current and updated business-critical information.
  2. Export and merge with your existing data sources.
  3. Create holistic analysis, online-to-offline.
Customer sorting trough clothes, use Indivd platform for your business intelligence and get access to business-critical information.


  1. Eliminate guesswork and strengthen your intuition.
  2. Increase efficiency and profitability of your experiments.
  3. Create reports and download charts for your presentations or for sharing within the organization.
Store customer looking at store front, use Indivd platform for retail strategy to eliminate guesswork.


  1. Use target group analysis and insights to design more profitable strategies.
  2. Conduct experiments and strategies and get results.
  3. Understand the short and long-term effects.
Clothes on hangers part of a stores customer journey, conduct experiments and strategies and get results with Indivd platform communications.


  1. Optimize your daily goals to your results.
  2. Learn from others by comparing your results to other locations.
  3. Become more efficient in your resource planning
Retailer using indivd mobile app in business operations, comparing customer journeys with other locations.

Your data. Your choice.

Privacy protection is built in from the beginning. Our technology protects you and your customers from when they visit your location, the first time you log in and at every opportunity you use our products and services.

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