Created for those who want to achieve more efficient and profitable customer experiences and who want to inspire their employees and partners to use valuable insights to get there.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Understand visitors’ actual customer journeys

Learn to understand visitors' real points of contact with your brand in your stores or malls - and how you can improve the experiences and make the customer journeys more interesting for your visitors.


Reach your goals with powerful retail insights

Strengthen your team with analyzes that are powerful enough to satisfy both competent analysts and the rest of us. Get a single source of truth for all your stores or malls.


Use funnels to visualize your visitors customer experience

Understand how effective your strategies are, understand where in the customer journey they are losing interest, and use target audience analysis and heatmaps to reinforce your understanding.

Connect Locations

Connect your location easily

Connecting your locations to Indivd is quick and easy. Indivd connects to your existing surveillance cameras and 99% of all cameras already support Indivd.

Privacy protection

Your data. Your choice.

Privacy protection is built in from the beginning. Our technology protects you and your customers from the first time you log in and every time you use our products and services.


Create value together

Take advantage of all the good ideas that are created in your organization. Plan, follow and help your team, your co-workers and your partners to perform their best more efficiently and more data-driven than has ever been possible before.


Enable everyone to become data driven

Indivd is simple, secure and connects your entire organization, regardless of whether the employees are behind a desk or in front of customers.

Get started with customer experience software that’s easy to use … and easy to love

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Indivd could be the starting point for an improved and more sophisticated measurement for many brands with physical stores, and perhaps even more for those with both physical and digital stores.

Annelie Gullström

Head of Business Development (adj.), AMF Fastigheter