Why Indivd

Stores and malls must adapt to the new digital reality

We work, we sleep and we shop to live. Exchanging goods and services has always been a natural way to survive and exist. Physical retail will continue to be an important part of our lives in the future, even though e-commerce has taken over an increasing part. But physical retail must adapt to the new and disruptive reality in order to be profitable and to continue to be appreciated.

Stores and malls must, just like e-commerce, begin to use data and insights to better understand its visitors and thereby be able to offer more attractive meeting places. But the solutions to get there must simultaneously safeguard data protection and privacy. Today's and future customers demand sustainable retail based on privacy-friendly technology (Data Protection by Design), where privacy has the highest priority. No one will succeed without having created a balance between data and integrity.

Indivds platform balancing, symbolizing that no retailer will survive without a balance between customer data business data and integrity. Those who are great at digitalization surpass their competitors in most dimensions of financial performance.

No one escapes the future. Digitalization is the future.

Digitalization is here to stay. Digitalization contributes to creating more efficient, profitable and more sustainable companies. Access to data and new technology, increases the digital innovation, improves governance and supports employees to create better strategies. Studies also show that companies that have come a long way in their digitalization surpass their competitors in all forms of financial performance.

  • Reduce information-intensive costs by up to 90%
  • Increase the understanding of process performance
  • Help you become proactive and act before problems arise

Profitable strategies are based on customer- and business data

Stores and malls are poorly equipped for the digital society, which is now growing at an ever faster pace. They need to sharpen their strategies and improve their governance by making greater use of customer and business data and more data-driven decision-making. They must also to a greater extent measure the effects of their investments before and after new changes are implemented in order to understand the result.

How to create the best customer experience for your visitors

Our platform is created for all the stores and malls that: want to achieve more efficient and more profitable customer experiences for their customers. At the same time, it helps to inspire your employees and partners to use the new insights to get there. It also, at the same time, helps to inspire your employees and partners to use the new insights to get there.

  • Discover new valuable insights.
  • Design and implement more profitable strategies.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your experiments.
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Why we do this: We want to create the right balance between man and technology

On the one hand, it is technology that inspires and enables a more fun, easier, more comfortable and closer life for ourselves, our friends and family, as well as a more profitable and sustainable future for our companies. On the other hand, technology can also be worrying. It can be abused by forces that do not want us and / or the world well.

That is why technological development and innovation need to be both supported and kept in check. A technological harmony in a data-driven society requires a legal balance with a razor-sharp ethical societal control over personal integrity and data security. The key is to find a balance between what inspires and what worries. That is our aspiration, our dream and vision. That is why we have developed Indivd and our anonymisation technology.

Indivd constitutes this balance.